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Flute Under the Moon - Canvas Wrap

Flute Under the Moon - Canvas Wrap

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Flute Under the Moon was inspired by a reimagining of the Chang-e legend and focuses on the story of the Daughter of the Moon Goddess. Her flute is her trusty reminder of home and her mother wherever she goes. 


My hope is that your home would feel more like home with a well-curated and well-loved piece of art. This modern canvas wrap features a 1.25" thick gallery edge and comes ready for your wall with hanging hardware attached on the back. To those of you who are mindful of how many holes you place in the walls (I feel you my fellow renters!), you can still add an artful addition to your home while keeping your landlord happy by leaning these canvases against your wall on top of a desk, console table, shelf, or dresser. After all, if it fits, it sits! 

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