How are these art items made?
All artwork on this site is hand-painted or digitally illustrated by Helen and then turned into items like canvases, prints, tote bags, and phone cases. Each item is made-to-order for you through a manufacturer after an order is placed. This way each product made is guaranteed to go to a loving home and there would be no excess waste from any unsold merchandise. 

Can I send items as a gift? 
Absolutely! During checkout, enter the address of the person who you'd like to gift the item to in the "Ship To" area and then under the Billing Address section, select "Use a different billing address" to enter your own address for billing. After placing your order, let your giftee know a surprise is coming their way and I hope it will help brighten their day!

Where do you ship?
Shipping within the United States to start off. I'll post updates in the future when I expand shipping internationally.

How long does production and shipping delivery take?
Within the United States: Estimated average production time to make the items take up to around 6-7 business days and estimated average shipping takes up to around another 6-7 business days (after it is produced) to arrive at your door. Sometimes it can take a little less time and occasionally, it could take more time depending on the manufacturer's stock/time availability or any possible shipping delays*. While the average shipping takes up to 6-7 business days, shipping may take up to a max of 12 business days. 

*Due to Covid-19's impact, please expect that delays can happen and are outside of my control. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding in the mean time as the world works to get through these tough times! 

Is there tracking? 
Yes, there is tracking for each item and will be emailed to you once the item(s) have been produced and shipped out. You may receive multiple tracking numbers if your order has more than one type of item. 

Why did I get my items in multiple boxes?
Different manufacturers specialize in making different merchandise so if your order has multiple differing types of items, then each type of item may be produced at different manufacturers and thus, ship out in different boxes as well. It also means that you may get a piece of merch from manufacturer A on one day and a different type of merch in a separate box a few days later from manufacturer B. Rather than waiting for manufacturer B to finish producing their product too, you get the item from manufacturer A sooner right after they finish producing it.

Can I return an item? 
Since most of the items are made-to-order, they cannot be returned. Thank you for supporting an independent small business like mine and understanding that I cannot absorb the cost of returns the way larger corporations can. However, if there is a product defect or the wrong product was sent, please email photos/video of the item along with a description over to support@oceantakeflight.com and we can discuss a possible replacement from there. 

Can I purchase larger quantity wholesale orders from you?
Thank you for asking! Please contact me at helen@oceantakeflight.com to discuss these types of orders.