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Florals I - Tabletop Canvas

Florals I - Tabletop Canvas

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The romantic in me loves a good freshly cut and beautiful arranged flower bouquet but they do sadly have a preciously short lifespan. Whenever I get one, I’d give it a refresh every few days by tossing out the wilted stems, giving the rest a new trim at the ends, and then rearranging them into a new composition to extend its life on my windowsill. This particular burst of florals had its first life as a valentine’s bouquet I received (and absolutely adored), its second life in the form of my rearranged composition, and then its third life forever blooming in this painting. Keep this piece of floral art on your table or shelf next to that growing collection of plants of yours. 


These self-standing 0.5” thick tabletop canvases that come with a back leg are the perfect piece of compact art for your home office when space is a premium but you know you still want to have a dedicated nook for that extra bit of whimsy to your room. No leaning on walls or nails required when in its self-standing position but hanging hardware is still built in as a secondary option if you do choose to go the wall route! 

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